GATE Strategy by Sanket Basu (EE-AIR-79 in GATE-17)

GATE Strategy by Sanket Basu (EE-AIR-79 in GATE-17)

GATE Ranker Story

Hi I am Sanket Basu ( cat – general got AIR-79 in GATE 2017) . I am 2016 passout from a private college Heritage Institute of Technology , Kolkata , West Bengal.

Before starting I want to state that I gave GATE last year sincerely studying for 5 -6 months approximately. I was a GATEFORUM class program student. Last year I did all the subjects but left Machine and Power Electronics due to late start in preparation.

I mainly followed class notes and RK Kanodia for GATE 2016. I landed up with a rank of 2202 / 49.98 / 633 Gate score. I knew with this rank no PSU / top IIT and NIT will accept me. I was totally shattered and lost trust in myself as I was one of class toppers in my college with cgpa of 9.16. But I soon understood that fault was mine I was underprepared and my level was nothing as compared to Gate Toppers and off course my Btech cgpa will not fetch me an All India Rank. So I soon buckled up and my parents helped a lot in this. Please talk to someone when you are in trouble regarding GATE remaining silent wont help. I started my preparation for Gate 2017( full self study) from month of June , 2016 after my final semester and final year project workload was over. Some of the tips i want to give you.

  1. First of all please make a routine and frame a chart in your mind the subjects you want to do in what sequence. Be sincere to that routine. Don’t waste your time always target to complete the subjects 2 days before your proposed routine. This was you will end up having a lot of extra time after your preparation is over.
  2. Start with a subject that you are strong with. One subject at night and one subject at morning. Be a early riser or late night warrior. Please don’t try to be the both. I started with Control System and Digital Electronics. After this pair I took Circuit Theory and Measurement. Then Signal System and Field Theory. Choice of pair is fully on your own but be wise so that you don’t stress out. For heavy 3 subjects Power System , Power Electronics and Machine I didn’t pair up them with other subjects I devoted the whole day behind them for the respective subject during respective routine time I already prefixed.
  3. Most important part of GATE success is countless revision. But it wont be possible for a person to again turn over all the pages of book and notes for countless time during revision ultimately you will get bored. So I used to maintain a note pad for each subject when I was preparing them for first time. I made short notes of important concepts , all the formulas , short sums, important page number of theory, important sums in those note pad chapter wise for each subject. During such short notes done try to be short or too lengthy . Make a optimum choice of how much to write and more importantly upto how much you feel comfortable. As you are completing each subjects take the note pad of previous subjects and go through it again and again. This way you will have an effective revision.
  4. This part may seem funny but its effective. There are always some part of each subject that you always forget after every revision. Medicine to that take an A-4 sheet write down those things and paste it on the wall of your room. Every morning take a glance at them. Believe my words you will start remembering those things also. For example I did all the formulas of Numerical Methods in Math, Divergence Curl Gradient formulas of each system of Filed theory etc.
  5. Try to complete this whole course within Mid October-Mid November. Don’t spend too many days on each subject. Devote more time to core subjects + control+ circuit+ math+ signal. Carry one revising those note pads you made and do it in proper sequence so that you are in touch with all the subjects.
  6. After you complete each subject do the GATE past year questions thoroughly. I always invested a 1 day time to each subject after I completed them for the past year questions and Mark the important questions that you want to revisit and note it down in the scribble pad.

Test Series
I was a ex GATE FORUM student so I got discount on test series so I took it + MADE EASY. But don’t follow me take ACE ACADEMY+ MADE EASY for your test series package. Two test series is enough. Don’t overload yourself with 3 to 4 Test series
How to use them?

  1. During your first stage of completion of each subject after practising last year questions. Take any one of the test series and go for the respective subject tests (remember either any one of the test series you took). The new concepts you will get from those tests note it down in the pad separately and focus on the areas you will feel weak after giving tests.
  2. After your journey of first stage of preparation of all the subjects over and consecutive revisions done from notes pad by the Mid November. Its time for Full MOCK tests ( ultimate preparation step). You will have around 24 -26 FLT including both test series. Start giving them slowly from Nov MID. Please don’t give on consecutive days two mock tests it will stress you. Leave a 3 day gap between each mock tests of full length.
  3. During these three days gap do again revision of your subjects + REMEMBER the subject test of one of the test series still remaining. Give those remaining subject tests on those 3 days gap it will enhance your skill more and more of all your revision will be perfect.
  4. Complete this sequence of Subject test and FLT within January. You wont be able to complete all FLT since you are giving 3 days gap. So from then go for only remaining FLT giving one day or two days gap since now you are habituated to FLT you wont stress out. During those gaps again do revision daily. Please don’t be satisfied with your revision because each time after revision you will still forget something. Complete all FLTs 3-4 days before GATE EXAM. And relax for last 2 days.



Circuit Theory – Alexander Sadiku + RK Kanodia

Control System – Don’t go for detailed theory , learn the skills and basics properly R K Kanodia + Nagrath Gopal( for theory)

Digital Electronics – Morris Mano + RK Kanodia + Standard Material for Microprocessor ( MADE EASY good)

Measurement – R K Kanodia + A K SAHANEY examples only

Analog – Detailed theory not required for EE R K Kanodia

Math – MADE easy class notes + ALL department 25 years

Field Theory – Any standard study material + Examples form Sadiku

Signal and System – Any standard study material ( Made Easy good) + Oppenheim / Ramesh Babu/ Rawat solved examples + R K Kandoia

** Machines- PS BIMRAH solved examples must + PS BIMRAH 2nd vol for Single Phase Induction Motor + R K Kanodia ( very basics sums given you may or may not)

** Power Electronics- PS BIMRAH + H. RASHID

** Power System – Sir Nagrath Kothari ( SUMS + Theory) + CL WADHA (TEXT) + Asfaq Hussain solved examples
To download pdf of respective book, Click here


Along with this MADE EASY CLASS NOTES / ACE NOTES will be ultimate for you. Please concentrate on ACCURACY + SPEED for godsake these two will decide your rank at the end of day. I also suffered from these two. Don’t Panic if you get low score in MOCK tests. I started with a marks of 50 but try to improve it slowly and steadily and it will. During January FLTs try to score 67 ++ – 70++ . Don’t worry each time you will do pathetic silly mistakes. But more mistakes you do in FLT more cautious you will become. Please do sincerely these FLTs and from January onwards after you get your admit card try to give the FLTs during your GATE exam time only( I gave from 2pm-5pm).


Contribution of Learn Gate Free group- Marks my words no advertisement done from my side I am being Honest .This group was created by Sohail Ansari Sir. Someone form somewhere added me in this group. At first I thought why to waste time in some FB group. But this group boosted my preparation two to three times more. I used to visit this group daily 2 -3 hours collected as many questions I got from these group and stored in my Desktop Folder for each subjects separately so that I can see them later. This helped in increase my knowledge and to tackle variety of sums. I made some excellent friends discussed with them learned a lot from them. Didn’t know them personally someone was from Gujrat someone from Bihar someone from South India and they were an priceless part of my success.

All the best be sincere to your dream , be ambitious but don’t bury yourself beneath it.

Sanket Basu AIR 79 / 67.05(normalized by -2.66 Set 2) / 874 ( I did some pathetic mistakes in hurry during exam , try to avoid it )


GATE Strategy by Soumya Goswami (EE-AIR-117 in GATE-17)

GATE Strategy by Soumya Goswami (EE-AIR-117 in GATE-17)

GATE Ranker Story

Hello Everyone,
I am Soumya Goswami, a final year student got a GATE AIR 117 in EE discipline. Here I am going to share my strategy and tips for GATE preparation.

  1. First you should have a proper reason to appear for GATE.
  2. Hardwork and studying smartly is main thing for gate, so never thing you can not do it. Never give up.
  3. I started my preparation from 6th semester examination. Before that I have basics of network theory, control system and mathematics. So prepare yours basics when you are in 2nd or 3rd
  4. Design a time frame for each subject within which u have to complete the subject and u must must complete it within that time frame.As I am a ee student so I shall discuss EE subjects only. Remember do not leave a single subject, many people will tell you leave that less weightage do not listen to it, GATE is very very dynamic exam and very good in betraying so do not leave any subject even microprocessors.
  5. The schedule I maintained is like this

Signal-10 days. Studied from Oppenheim and from Facebook Group (Learn GATE Free).learned very much from EC Guys. Made notes from made easy handwritten notes which is best…Solved kanodia contains very good level of questions and Previous year of EE,EC and IN
Network-10 days, solved kanodia different types and gate previous year. Also I watched LGF Network lecture(Click here) made by Sohail Ansari Sir which is really effective and up to the mark for GATE and made short notes from it. I recommend you guys to watch this lecture in order to get good command on network.

Machine-25 days, studied made easy and ace notes,…made short notes and solved previous yr,kanodia,and bhimra exercise selective problems for transformers,induction machines. For doubts I used to study bhimra and chapman.
Control-10 -15 days. Made short notes while studying from Manke and Norman Nise. Norman Nise is best book for studying steady state error concepts which is very confusing. Refer made easy notes.Solved kanodia for control,standard question for control and obviously previous yr EE EC IN.
Power System-25 days….Most vast topic. Studied from Made easy notes.ALL this notes are available in LGF. Also i refer wadhwa…Solved problems from kanodia. The note of my faculty was awesome and I followed only that with some modifications.
Analog-Digital-20 5 days and analog 15 days.same thing referred made easy notes.solve from kanodia nd prev yr of EE EC IN.

Power electronics-20 days. Best subject of ee. Follow LGF Power Electronics lectures (Click here) which was not available at my time. I follow bhimra and NED MOHAN for making short notes. Prepare rectifier chopper and mainly inverter very well for inverter and chopper follow NED Mohan. For problems previous year and PE question Bank in Electrical Mentor Blog.
Measurement-10 days..same procedure like analog digital
Emt-5-10 days.magnetostatics which was available free in Kapsule course so I studied from there. For electrostatics refer 10+2 books nd sadiku selectively.
Microprocessor-3 days.madeeasy booklet only
Maths-15 days.Studied matrix and probability and complex mainly as was strong in calculus. Prepare from kreyszig and grewal….made notes of formulas as large no of formulas are there. Solve previous yr papers of all streams.
Apti and English-not special , English I left as was very poor in English. Apti practiced from different sources not special and did not practice much as apti section was never my strong point.

Try to complete whole subject within diwali. Then the strategy for revision is there which I will tell you later. Try to revise atleast 2 times. During revision I solved ACE bits and bytes, made easy 2016 test series questions uploaded in group, concept material from my friend and question posted in group.
Join test series. I joined ace. The question standard was awesome. But don’t get too serious about test series results just identify your mistakes and enlist it. See your mistakes daily. There are certain types of mistakes and it varies from person to person. Write down those mistakes and before giving test see those mistake this way your mistakes will improve. Don’t worry about ur marks in test series and also don’t get depressed for low marks. Just revise, practice and improve.

Thanks to all my seniors especially Sohail Ansari Sir, Udayan Banerjee Sir, Manas Ghosh, Sanket Basu, Chandan Kumar,Uzair Khatri and my batch mate Prem JEET(tere help bina kya karta pata nhi) for constant support and clearance of my doubt. Thanks to Himanshu Vyas and Sanjay Sardana for clearing my doubts related to EC subjects.
For Further query you can post in LGF Facebook group. All the best.


Devendra Singh (AIR-559)

Devendra Singh (AIR-559)

GATE Ranker Story

Name- Devendra Kumar
Gate Rank- 559(OBC) in 2016
Selection-IOCL,PGCIL And BSPHCL(direct through Gate)

  1. How did you prepared for GATE?
    You must know where you stand before starting preparation. Solve last 9-10 years GATE papers with time limit. After that, you’d know your position and how much you can score now. Then set a goal you wanna achieve (Top10, Top100, Top500 or Top 1000). The more high you aim, the more high you go. During preparation, remember your aim and make it your passion. Give 6-8 hours daily for GATE preparation in regular days and some more time on Holidays. Before 1-2 months of GATE, forget everything but GATE. Remember, getting into an IIT/IISc or a PSU is more rewarding than anything. After studying the concepts, do see the previous years GATE questions, to see you the level of your understanding and difficulty level of questions in GATE. Start with subjects you find easy and afterwards, keep time for tough ones too. Keep yourself motivated alwayz, thats the key 2 success.


  1. Coachings?
    Test Series
    : A well structured and good quality Test Series is a must for continuously evaluating your performance and learning new concepts. I suggest ACE Acedmy.
    Classroom program: If you have time and wanna learn from starting, a good Classroom Program is best for you. I suggest Made Easy Classroom.

Notes: Made easy notes is More Sufficient for Concept For both Gate and ies preparation. Solve Previous Year Gate Questions.If you are Electical Engineer Solve gate questions from EE, ECE,and EIE Previous Year Book.

  1. About Gatehelpdesk?
    A very good attempt by Sohail Ansari Sir to help the GATE aspirants. Keep in touch with his notifications. Any queries? Always ready to help, ask here by joining this group.
    Facebook GroupInterview Experience
  • IOCL
  • GD Topic- “Cencor Board And Udata Punjab”Personal Interview-
    1. Tell me about your self( language doesn’t metter)
    2. 1-2 questions from Semester project.
    3. 80% hr questions like chair person, department of iocl, why iocl,latest project of iocl, asked question( agar tmhare ghar k 5 kilometer pr iocl ka petrol pump ho aur 2 kilometer pr hpcl ka petrol pump ho to kisse loge?? My answer- 2 condition hai agar mere pass iocl ka job aap dete ho to iocl se aur agar mere pass job nhi ho to jo mere near petrol pump ho use lunga….. this answer made good impression on interviewer and they appreciated my answer.
    4. Make single line diagram for switchyard.
  • NTPC
    GD Topic-“ Role of Bharat Swachhata Aviyan In India”.
    Personal Interview-
    1.your Favourite Subject
    2.All questions Practically and theortical From favourite Subject.
    GD Topic-“ Society Vs Love and Arrange Marrige”.
    Personal Interview-
    1.90% Questions From Technical( mostly from Power system).
    2. Make single line diagram for switchyard.
    3.First and last component of protection.
    4.Components Of SwitchYard.
    5.Parts Of Transformer And their Significance Like colour of Silica gel in good and bad condition.
    6.4-5 Questions From Your Project
    7.Some Questions From your College’s State.
    8.Different Type of circuit breaker  
Gaurav Parashar (AIR-17)

Gaurav Parashar (AIR-17)

GATE Ranker Story

Hello everyone !!
I am a graduated from NIT Hamirpur and was placed in future first. It offered me the best package of my 2015 batch.
so first, the people who are having a rank around 2000 and asking that i have placed him tcs and some other , what should i do…go for a drop or job. Look do what you like, there will be some risk but without risk, you can’t achieve something bigger.

Now coming on the strategy,
I came delhi on june 16th and joined the batch from 22nd june in made easy.
I am more like a person who values quality questions rather than quantity.
With classes i completed my subjects as my basics were quite good since college time.
Then diwali time came and in that time i revised all the syllabus which is completed till date and gave online tests.

what is my procedure of study ??
first of all i read theory, then read solved examples.
while reading solved examples dont make hurry to see answer , first understand question because that is more important.
then i solved past year gate problems and rest of the time i solved workbook,
One main thing which helped me is , i never solved workbook at home , when teacher was solving question, i have attempted the question before him. Because i think, you are not there in classrooms to see their skills because they are the master of it, you are there to Improve yours smile emoticon then i gave mock test of that subject then i did analyse on the weaker portions and again prepare those portions.
Now. the main point is , prepare means solving more and more questions , not reading theory only !!
then again gave one more test and feel satisfied !!

Since december i started revision and completed it twice before exam and gave mock tests.
please dont underestimate the power of online test series because they are as important as final revision.
Because in GATE the best thing is exploring more and more questions.
In the final one month i also solved past year gate problem book again and in last 5 days i just concentrated on formulas and short notes which i have made,
Don’t read some new concept in last days.
Now coming on motivation:-
I feel every motivation which you get from others decreases with time but not SELF MOTIVATION.
I am a guy who never hide like how many hours i studied or what i have covered ??
so being frank, since 22nd june, I had one Target in my mind that was..
And this thing kept motivating me till the end and make me not to left any subject.
And yeah, if u want to score a good rank like top 100, please do not leave any subject even microprocessor. when i am saying any, i mean it.

coming on books which i have followed:-
i just read book for power system, analog and electrical machines because i got problem in these subjects which i overcame .Dont get overconfident about any subject, in gate my power system and machine was all correct but i made mistake in network and control. Please be patience while attempting.If you are in college 3rd year or final yr then you can refer kanoria for building confidence but maximum answers are wrong in that book so it can confuse you.
But if you are dropping then coaching stuffs are sufficient , i will advise you not to solve that book rather than go for workbook and theory book.
books to follow:-
Machines- nagrath and kothari
power system- ashfaq hussain/ nagrath kothari
signals and systems- anand kumar
control- bs manke
analog- kreatryx and made easy theory book( solve max questions)

The main point is to solve maximum questions which are good. I read on an average 3 hours daily apart from classes. Because i know my limitations, i can not read more than that, so i focussed on quality questions since starting.
Solve maximum questions, do not leave any subject, I hardly prefers any short trick because our memory is limited .
dont think syllabus is big, make it small in your minds by reading properly and Always set big targets.
thanku !!
All the best.
Gaurav Parashar
AIR 17 (EE)

Himanshu Lohani (AIR-88)

Himanshu Lohani (AIR-88)

GATE Ranker Story

You should have patience to read, once you start you enjoy 🙂

The Journey starts for GATE 2015. 5th sems exams were over and before start of 6th sem, i joined Gateforum classroom weekend programme, New Delhi in Jan 2014. At that time i dont had much exposure to online materials, preparation group, no smartphone. Day Dreaming of AIR 1 and getting popular in Gate 2015 was the thing which makes me to study for long.It is much difficult to strict to schedule when your college attendance criteria is 75% and weekend time u spend in coaching (7:00 AM i start from home and 7:30-8:00 PM reached home). In starting days i used to read “WordPower Made easy” while travelling in bus to cover vocabulary. Later on this converted to notes, MasterCards (short notes) to revise previous class content (below attached)

The preparation get affected in 7th sem when my mentor assigned me to read IEEE research papers and work on it for minor project and also publish paper in 8th sem that too alone (no other group member. Usually people make thesis projects in 3–4 groups). The Gate exam was near and this minor project was taking my time. It was difficult to adjust preparation and project work. I had read IEEE paper, US patent, 2 other papers but no idea how to implement these. The most difficult phase that was. In Nov i guess, one day i still remember that was Thursday (no clg class on that day) that project pressure became too much and i literally cried in front of my Mentor about the situation. she was shocked and motivated me by telling capabilities etc. Really i felt relieved after that and started new paper which can be implemented. In 2,3 weeks i finished the implementation and after Minor Project viva, again Gate preparation continued. Previously i abuses mentor for the work which i was doing, which usually Mtech, Phd people do. But really that result in gaining confidence i could do this work. Later after 8th sem the Paper got published in ELSEIVER JOURNAL and yes it was one of the happiest moment when i googled “himanshu lohani multiplier” the first link was mine. Design, implementation and performance comparison of multiplier topologies in power-delay space. though it was not a great one, but yes much enough to have faith i could publish.

In Test series i was getting marks in 50s, in some 60s. I would definitely say my strategy was wrong, more focused on Notes and only EC previous year doing repeatedly. The last week before Gate was black week. Everyday in morning, i felt like this subject i forgot, then open notes and then saw that. The whole year confidence literally changed. TCS was backup option for me (i always play safetly). Last night before gate was terrible. Next day exam was in Morning shift, and it was 2:00 AM and i was still waking. The depressed thoughts were striking as if GATE was the end of life. My instincts were saying that this time i will not get good rank. In the Gate exam, i could feel the pressure. So many questions i did wrong. already attempt less questions 49 and that too so many wrong. Results already predictable but not the rank. i was expecting under 1000 rank, but it felt drastically to AIR 2527. With this rank GATE 2015 game finished and decided to not give GATE again. Only options were other exams (BARC, AAI at that time).
The next week after Gate results was BARC exam. I revised notes and previous year and yes had enough confidence to crack written. The written BARC i cleared but not interview. Next was NPCIL exam, went to Jaipur for the exam having 8 total seats. Failed to qualify written by 4 marks. Then comes AAI (Airports authority of India with 200 vacancies), this was also failed. SAIL, RRB SSE exam also added to list. Then came BEL with 100+ seats for general, i was too confident to crack written as attempted good questions 120 out of 150, this was close, couldn’t clear written in decimal difference 0.5. sequence of failed results were there last year putting me in tensed state for some time, but not too long bcz of only inner sound/ belief “i could do anything”. Everytime new exam advt come, the preparation cycle started with positive thought and succeding in it.

It was July and ISRO 2015 advt came. Before it, i planned to join TCS in Sept and buy a kindle and would try for next year Gate while in job. As ISRO notification came, this plan cancelled and though to delaying TCS joining as long as possible. September on-wards i started again preparing for ISRO first in 45 days. while i was in midst of preparation, thought of GATE 2016 was coming and in few days decided to prepare for GATE again after ISRO exam in october. The exam went well and i was sure to get shortlist for interview and started preparation for gate. The ISRO result came before GATE 2016 exam, and got 8th rank in that (13th in the list with 148 marks). Only BARC & ISRO written was successful for me up-to that time.
In between (after ISRO written) Gate syllabus started, First Maths revised which i had not done after Gate 2015. Then previous years of EE, IN branch which helped me a lot. I was one of the active member in FB groups during that period, made many contacts which helped me in study. This time i practised questions more than reading theory. Communication was weak subject before, i made that strong. strangely in this BJT becomes my weakest topic. There are many topics in which i was under confident (fourier series, BJT, Antenna etc). strong subjects i made much strong, speed was one of the best thing i attained. Online Calci was there for GATE 2016, i downloaded it in phone and start using that so that all the functions position get paste in mind.
yeah i forgot about TCS which i put on hold, after Diwali 2015, the TCS joining came for 11th Jan 2016 (20 days before Gate 2016). Again i planned and with some contacts i postponed that by giving medical certi, which later on came for April. This time i was getting good marks (upto 85 in Made easy basics, and in 60s in Mocks with rank in under 10,20,50).

On the D-day session 4, managed to attempt 59 questions for 89 marks. still, done mistakes of 15 marks and was getting 67–70 marks according to answer key of ME & ACE. On the result day AIR 88 i saw with 66.23 marks in scorecard. That feeling was unexpressable with tears in eyes, happy feeling “yes i did”
Future Planning based on each situation & Self-belief are the main factors which makes me to succeed after facing so failures. After starting GOT this year in Jaqen H’ghar words i made for my self “A man has learnt to face failures in life”.
Thx for reading & yes apology for the grammar 😉