First of all you should be well aware of the fact that pattern of GATE and ESE is quite similar yet different. Similar in case of common syllabus and different is case of strategy for preparation of both exams.

GATE is an exam having less number of overall questions (65 Total = 10 Non-tech + 55 Tech) thus each question having high weight-age (1% to 2 %). Hence Accuracy is utmost important here. Moreover syllabus is less but questions asked are very conceptual and deep knowledge is required for them. On the other hand ESE is an exam having large number of questions in Preliminary Exam (250 Total = 100 Non-Tech + 150 Tech) for 500 marks. Hence weight-age per question is less (0.4%). So margin of error is more and questions asked are wide in domain. Theory as well as numerical, both are asked.

You should know that which question to attempt and which question is to be left alone. Genius is one who knows when to stop. Hence ESE checks not only your knowledge but your overall Personality.In ESE Mains, about 18-19 questions are to be answered for 300 Marks, hence weight-age per question is high (about 5%) and high accuracy is required. You can notice there is a difference between both. But one thing is common that GATE technical syllabus is also asked in ESE and demands high accuracy and in-depth knowledge in both exams.Moreover non-GATE syllabus is not required to be read in-depth for ESE as level of questions from non-GATE subjects are not high. You can manage those subjects only by reading coaching handwritten notes. So you will have to keep all these things in mind and will have to maintain a good balance between Speed and Accuracy in ESE Prelims.

Till ESE Prelims, prepare only for ESE, but read those GATE subjects comprehensively. As ESE Prelims is held in 1st week of January, you will have 1 month for dedicated GATE Preparation. In that 1 month just attempt any good test series and use your time wisely. Learn from your mistakes in test series and you are good to go. During your whole preparation keep one thing in mind, always prepare for Concepts and not for any specific exam. Just download syllabus, analyze it and prepare it thoroughly. Concepts should be crystal clear in GATE syllabus, doesn’t matter you read from Books or learn from NPTEL.
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