There are various books available in the market so you will get confused which one you should buy. I am showing you every books and will tell you which one you should buy online. See GATE previous yr book contains previous year questions with solution. So every book has same questions with solution. Only the difference in its pricing and paper quality. I will be showing you one by one.

    Made Easy launches previous year book in one volume for EE and EC which contains the questions from 1991-2016. It cost you around 551 INR for EE and 771 INR for EC. Contents are good and well managed.


    Kreatryx launches previous yr book in 2 volumes for EE. Volume-1 cost you 599 and volume-2 cost you 399. So total of 1000 INR you will have to spent for purchasing this book. Contents are well managed and it contains the question from 1991-2016. Every solution is 100% correct and well organized. So if you want to spent some money then this would be the great choice to buy.
    Mechasoft Launches GATE Previous year solved book for EE and EC in one volume which cost you around 300 INR for EE and 290 INR for EE. This book contains the previous year problem from 2003 to 2016. Contents are well manages and worth to buy.


    Ace previous yr book cost you around 502 INR for EE and 540 INR for EC.

Which one you should buy???
See whatever i have given you the list of books contains same previous year question with solutions. I have gone through each and every book and after seeing from inside i will recommend you books from two coaching institute: Kreatryx and Mechasoft. Kreatryx, because it contains all the previous yr question from 1991 to 2016. Made easy & ACE skip some of the questions but Kreatryx are well managed and solution is also 100% accurate. Only the problem is its price. It cost you around 1000 INR. So if you want to spend some amount then go for Kreatryx. Now the Second One is Mechasoft book. No any coaching book can beat this in terms of price (only 300 INR). The difference between Kreatryx and Mechasoft is that Kreatryx contains question from 1991-2016 while Mechasoft contains question from yr 2003-2016. Also paper quality of Kreatryx is better than Mechasoft. However the content are same in both from 2003-2016. So i would recommend you should buy any one of the two as per your price range. Both are good book.
All the best.

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