Hello Everyone,
I am Soumya Goswami, a final year student got a GATE AIR 117 in EE discipline. Here I am going to share my strategy and tips for GATE preparation.

  1. First you should have a proper reason to appear for GATE.
  2. Hardwork and studying smartly is main thing for gate, so never thing you can not do it. Never give up.
  3. I started my preparation from 6th semester examination. Before that I have basics of network theory, control system and mathematics. So prepare yours basics when you are in 2nd or 3rd
  4. Design a time frame for each subject within which u have to complete the subject and u must must complete it within that time frame.As I am a ee student so I shall discuss EE subjects only. Remember do not leave a single subject, many people will tell you leave that less weightage do not listen to it, GATE is very very dynamic exam and very good in betraying so do not leave any subject even microprocessors.
  5. The schedule I maintained is like this

Signal-10 days. Studied from Oppenheim and from Facebook Group (Learn GATE Free).learned very much from EC Guys. Made notes from made easy handwritten notes which is best…Solved kanodia contains very good level of questions and Previous year of EE,EC and IN
Network-10 days, solved kanodia different types and gate previous year. Also I watched LGF Network lecture(Click here) made by Sohail Ansari Sir which is really effective and up to the mark for GATE and made short notes from it. I recommend you guys to watch this lecture in order to get good command on network.

Machine-25 days, studied made easy and ace notes,…made short notes and solved previous yr,kanodia,and bhimra exercise selective problems for transformers,induction machines. For doubts I used to study bhimra and chapman.
Control-10 -15 days. Made short notes while studying from Manke and Norman Nise. Norman Nise is best book for studying steady state error concepts which is very confusing. Refer made easy notes.Solved kanodia for control,standard question for control and obviously previous yr EE EC IN.
Power System-25 days….Most vast topic. Studied from Made easy notes.ALL this notes are available in LGF. Also i refer wadhwa…Solved problems from kanodia. The note of my faculty was awesome and I followed only that with some modifications.
Analog-Digital-20 days..digital 5 days and analog 15 days.same thing referred made easy notes.solve from kanodia nd prev yr of EE EC IN.

Power electronics-20 days. Best subject of ee. Follow LGF Power Electronics lectures (Click here) which was not available at my time. I follow bhimra and NED MOHAN for making short notes. Prepare rectifier chopper and mainly inverter very well for inverter and chopper follow NED Mohan. For problems previous year and PE question Bank in Electrical Mentor Blog.
Measurement-10 days..same procedure like analog digital
Emt-5-10 days.magnetostatics which was available free in Kapsule course so I studied from there. For electrostatics refer 10+2 books nd sadiku selectively.
Microprocessor-3 days.madeeasy booklet only
Maths-15 days.Studied matrix and probability and complex mainly as was strong in calculus. Prepare from kreyszig and grewal….made notes of formulas as large no of formulas are there. Solve previous yr papers of all streams.
Apti and English-not special , English I left as was very poor in English. Apti practiced from different sources not special and did not practice much as apti section was never my strong point.

Try to complete whole subject within diwali. Then the strategy for revision is there which I will tell you later. Try to revise atleast 2 times. During revision I solved ACE bits and bytes, made easy 2016 test series questions uploaded in group, concept material from my friend and question posted in group.
Join test series. I joined ace. The question standard was awesome. But don’t get too serious about test series results just identify your mistakes and enlist it. See your mistakes daily. There are certain types of mistakes and it varies from person to person. Write down those mistakes and before giving test see those mistake once..in this way your mistakes will improve. Don’t worry about ur marks in test series and also don’t get depressed for low marks. Just revise, practice and improve.

Thanks to all my seniors especially Sohail Ansari Sir, Udayan Banerjee Sir, Manas Ghosh, Sanket Basu, Chandan Kumar,Uzair Khatri and my batch mate Prem JEET(tere help bina kya karta pata nhi) for constant support and clearance of my doubt. Thanks to Himanshu Vyas and Sanjay Sardana for clearing my doubts related to EC subjects.
For Further query you can post in LGF Facebook group. All the best.