Guys most of the aspirants want to crack gate exam but because of their financial problem they won’t able to join coaching institute. So if your condition is like this then this article is for you. I would like to tell you that i am not against of any coaching institute also i am not giving you the pros and cons of joining coaching. This article is for those aspirants who cannot afford coaching.I am assuming that you are lagging financially and u don’t want to spend money on coaching.So this strategy will help you in getting good rank.
Buy MADE EASY HANDWRITTEN NOTES . Its available online 2000 INR or if you are in delhi then better to buy from Kalu Sarai. It will cost you 1200 INR. This will give you the content and some short tricks which helps you in solving numerical.

Buy gate previous year book. If you want to buy then better to read this article. (Which previous year book you should buy?)

Follow LGF lecture available on youtube. Whatever i am delivering you in the lecture is sufficient for cracking GATE and IES. Network lecture is already completed..Power Electronics , EDC , Communication System , Analog Electronics is running on. After this Control System will please subscribe to our youtube channel Learn GATE Free so that you will get notification about video uploading..i cannot promise u the date but i think before gate 18 i will cover most of the subject..for concept u will have made easy handwritten notes which is enough for building concept and solving numerical. Also you can take the help from NPTEL website..i have already given you the handwritten notes which will save your time. .

Now for solving numerical u don’t have to buy any more material. Join Facebook Group (Learn GATE Free)Go to file section..u will get kreatryx,ace academy,made easy and gate forum material…download that…u will easily get 500 question per subject from these no need to buy any book for this.
Be active in this Facebook Group..scroll one time per day so that u wont miss good question from that subject which you are preparing..this will help you in analyzing ur level of preparation.also u can ask your query by uploading question in this group and tag us (@learn gate free)..we will try to resolve ur query….For Strategies u can follow these links. Read every article which i have posted in this website…

Now last and important point is that if you are following this strategies then i cannot promise you that you will get rank under 100 or under 1000..or under 5000..but i can say to you that if u will follow this then you will have a very good command on subject like other students who are studying in coaching…..rank depends on those 3 hours of which anything can happen… no one can promise you that u will get good rank…every coaching will only promise you that they will provide you the best material and good concept which HELPS you in getting good rank..if someone is saying that you will get good rank then they are making you fool…rank is not in our hand…so dont preassume anything..follow this and give your best shot..ur hard work will definately reflect on your result..all the best for gate 18.
For any query, you can comment below or ask in our facebook group.


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